About us

Why FamilySPEAK?

To align with the Alliance for Kids’ focus on Family Support & Education, a shift was made from the name “Parenting Matters” to FamilySPEAK. Our new name represents our “Family” focus along with the acronym SPEAK (Support, Parent Education, and Knowledge). This site hopes to SPEAK to you and your needs as parents, family members, caregivers, as well as organizations serving families in our community.  This site is maintained by Alliance for Kids staff under the guidance of its Family Support & Education Committee. Members of this committee are individuals and representatives of community organizations who come together to implement a systems approach to enhancing positive parenting practices and promoting healthy development of children and youth.

Building Strong Foundations

The care and support of the family is crucial to a child’s overall successful development. By providing support and information to families, the Alliance for Kids seeks to ensure families have what they need to build strong childhood foundations because:

  • Every parent needs support at home, at work and throughout the community, from families, friends, neighbors, and community resources.
  • Investing in intervention and supportive programs to promote resilience helps kids develop their potential.
  • Supportive environments, relationships, and community interventions can help kids exposed to toxic stress counterbalance the negative effects and become productive citizens.
  • Practices, policies and services that promote positive early childhood mental health help ensure a child’s success.

Get Involved

Send us a message from the Contact Us page! We welcome your questions, insights and suggestions.
Join the Family Support & Education Committee! If you have a passion for parenting like we do, we invite you to join us at our next meeting. For dates and details, the button below will take you to the Council & Committees page on the Alliance for Kids website.

Click here for the full 2022 Kids Count El Paso County data.

Did you know you can create your own data report on the indicators that interest you? Visit Datacenter.kidscount.org.


Meet Our Partners

FamilySPEAK partners with local organizations. Please visit our Partners page to learn more about each one and their impact on children and families in our community.

Acknowledging our Funders

We appreciate the past and present support of our generous supporters: Colorado Department of Human Services, the Colorado Health Foundation, and Daniels Funds.  Without their support, FamilySPEAK would not be possible.