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Recommended Podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to learn about new topics or dig deeper into the subjects that interest you most. When it comes to early childhood, knowing more can help you as a parent, a relative caring for a young family member, or as a child care provider. FamilySPEAK will explore podcast options available and offer recommendations.

The Brain Architects | Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University
More is known about child development that ever before – especially when it comes to brain development in the early years. The Brain Architects, a new podcast from the Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University, will explore what we can do during this incredibly important period to ensure that all children have a strong foundation for future development.

The West Steps | Colorado Children’s Campaign
The West Steps dives into the policies and politics that come out of the Colorado State Capitol. This insider guide is for outsiders who wonder about laws that affect the lives of Coloradans— especially kids. Join us on The West Steps to learn how you can influence the future of Colorado.

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Recommended Blogs

In addition to podcasts, blogs can be a terrific tool for learning. With the wide variety of blogs out there, we will handle blogs in a couple of ways –  reposting some to our own blog page and highlighting some on this page as “recommended.”

KidsFlash Blog | Colorado Children’s Campaign
The KidsFlash blog helps child advocates and policymakers stay up to date on the latest child well-being news from the Colorado State Capitol and around the state. Find data and research on child health, early childhood education and development, K-12 education, and more. Track important legislation and policies affecting Colorado’s kids.
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