Offering Parent Training

Series Training

Cooking Matters

Cooking Matters’ hands-on courses and interactive lessons empower parents and caregivers of children ages 0-5 with the skills to stretch their food dollars and cook healthy, nutritious meals.

Six-week Nutrition-Based Cooking Courses

Courses meet for two hours, once a week for six weeks and are team-taught by a volunteer culinary and nutrition educator. Participants practice fundamental food skills including proper knife techniques, reading ingredient labels, and making healthy meals on a $10 budget. Other support volunteers, such as class assistants, are key to ensuring smooth delivery of our program.

By initiating discussions and introducing activities that build upon participants’ own experiences, instructors create effective learning opportunities. Course participants build confidence in their new skills through active class participation, enabling positive behavior changes in daily life. Classmates also help one another by sharing feedback on each other’s progress. Participants receive ingredients to practice making the class recipes at home, reinforcing nutrition messages and cooking techniques. By using what they learn in class at home, Cooking Matters graduates maximize their food resources, make healthier choices for their families, and prepare balanced, delicious meals. Because proper nutrition is critical for children’s health, development, and ability to learn, acquiring these skills can return important long-term benefits for a family’s physical and economic well-being.

Culture of Wellness in Preschools | Parent Wellness Workshop

Our Parent Wellness Workshops are aimed at promoting healthy lifestyle changes to all caregivers who have influence in the daily life of preschool-aged children. Our parent workshops are intentionally designed to be: engaging, interactive, fun and educational for adults. Evidenced-based and field-tested, our workshop series is designed to support families and reduce barriers to change. Parents are recruited and taught by trained, bilingual (English, Spanish) facilitators.

Throughout the 6-workshop series, we’ll cover: physical activity and screen time, helping children be good eaters, family meals and eating together, better beverages, eating fruits and vegetables, and celebrating family health.

Positive Solutions for Families

What is Positive Solutions for Families?

The training materials provide information for families on how to promote children’s social and emotional skills, understand their problem behavior, and use positive approaches to help children learn appropriate behavior.  The training is designed to give parents general information on key strategies that may be used with all children. Sessions are not designed to offer parents specific advice for their child’s individual issues. Facilitators of the training session should be knowledgeable about local agencies and service providers that may be able to assist families who have complex support needs or children with problem behavior that requires the guidance of a professional. In the last session, parents will be offered a routine guide that offers advice for supporting their children across common family routines.

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Motheread | Fatheread

In Colorado, classes using our curricula are coordinated through Colorado Humanities & Center for the Book, and implemented through 150 partner agencies statewide.  While Motheread/Fatheread Colorado promotes early literacy for all young Colorado children, it particularly helps children of low-income families—often single-parent and/or striving to learn English as a second language—where quality interaction between parent and child is limited by poverty, overwork, stress,marginalization within the educational community and disenfranchisement from mainstream communities. Colorado Humanities provides Motheread training for educators who work with adults and children in a variety of settings including family resource centers, literacy centers, migrant services centers, public schools, and libraries. Within a 12-month period of their training through Motheread/Fatheread Colorado, Colorado Humanities’ partnering educators are prepared to engage thousands of young children and parents and other adults who care for them through ongoing cycles of Motheread classes and Story Exploring reading sessions in their communities.
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Deborah Butkus
Program Coordinator
303.894.7951 x12

Conscious Discipline

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Kidpower in Colorado

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Information Sessions

Early Learning & Development Guidelines - Video Series

Education Information Sessions on Child Development and aligned with the Early Learning and Developmental Guidelines (ELDG).

  • Click on the following link to use these ELDG videos with families that participate in your programming.

Providers: Remember to collect sign-in sheets when providing these information sessions.

Social and Emotional Foundations of Early Learning

Pick a topic of interest from the Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning and share at an education information breakfast, lunch, dinner, conference, or family fun event!

Peak Parent Center

The Peak Parent Center  can offer an information night.  Prior topics covered “The Why’s and How’s of Behavior”.  Have a specific need, ask if they can help!